Zhongqing Net Review: A New Times Youth Mission Helps Cultural Soft Power Improvement

Zhongqing Net Review: A New Times Youth Mission Helps Cultural Soft Power Improvement

  Recently, the fifth plenary meeting of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China was held. Plenary proposes, to "prosper development of cultural undertakings and cultural industries, improve national cultural soft power". As an important force to promote social progress, you will gradually assume the burden of national development and have been sent to unlimited hopes.

The heavy responsibility of the traditional cultural inheritance is of great significance for promoting the national spirit, improving the national cultural soft power, achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

  Traditional culture is not embarrassed, and it is not as high as an oligity. In contrast, it is a subtle positive energy. The culture is focusing on a "chemical" word, and the moisturit is silent. In the past few years, the documentary "I am in the Forbidden City Trichor" is welcome, which is a model of traditional culture to the young generation, inspiring the desire of the young audience to China’s outstanding traditional culture.

  We talk about traditional culture today, not in the past orientation, a variety of retro, but in the future, in the reinforcement of traditional culture, looking for future universal value.

Suzhou embroidered Niang Zou Yingzi, applied the needle of the mother’s sole to the embroidery, embroidered another visual effect, creating the "Zou’s drop embroidered" needle, became the first embroidery needle national invention patent. One flavor, thousands of articles will only make cultural loss of vitality. We should be good at pushing new, breathing modern society, fresh "oxygen", so that traditional cultural stunning exhibition leaves, blooms new buds. Understanding the culture, it is necessary to understand the source of water, and its flow is, it is going to have a gene in the large wave.

Shanghai Changning District After 80 girls, from 10 years old, contact facial plastic art, take the initiative to worship the national non-legacy inheritor.

After graduating from college, resigned, and set up "Book Jia Wrath Civil Center", specializing in cultivating faces in folk cultivation, the older is four years old.

Cultural inheritance, not three years, five years can achieve results, sometimes be willing to be willing to be lonely, sitting in a cold bench, which is also the mission of youth to pick up, to be happy with spiritual wealth. Let the traditional cultural rejuvenation, so that more young people feel the charm of traditional culture, and innovation in the inheritance, and is becoming the direction of many young people working.

In the opening scene of the 2019 Opera (Kunshan) ceremony, the drama "100 years old" won the full house.

The young actor of the Qing Dynasty, the energetic four shots, and the spirit is shaking. Singing a voice, I have a good feeling, sincerity, martial arts and clean, attract countless viewers.

In the field of "opening up the territory" in the field, it is the spirit of the drama itself, and the spirit of youth actors dare to innovate and climb the peak. Will be the main innovation and improve the quality, so that traditional culture has long been new. Inheriting culture, enhancing cultural soft power, each youth can have its own way.

The ancient music, more and more young people, "China Chinese Service Day" attracts many young people to wear the traditional Chinese traditional costume … Difference to the conventional protection and record of traditional culture, today’s young people choose not to make excellent tradition Culture stays on the book, dust seals in the museum showcase, but through its own cultural spirit, create a cultural product that is more suitable for the current audience. Especially in recent years, in the rich and diverse Chinese festival, many netizens use Internet bold innovations, create a strong and colorful holiday atmosphere, so that the young people will feel the holiday culture, so that traditional cultural spirit has long vitality.

  Chinese civilization is the only civilization that has not been disconnected so far. General Secretary Xi Jinping stated that in Paris, the UNESCO Headquarters pointed out that there is no civilized inheritance and development, there is no cultural promotion and prosperity, there is no realization of Chinese dreams. A new era Youth mission, helping cultural soft power, firm culture and self-confidence, we must be broadcasted in the journey of the great revival of the Chinese nation.

(Li Qun).