Volunteers Martyrs "Go Home" Road: No matter where you are, the country will take you home

Volunteers Martyrs "Go Home" Road: No matter where you are, the country will take you home

The motherland and the people will never forget – reveal in the road of Han Zhijun Martyrs "Go Home" ■ Hou Kun wrote in front This year, it is the 71st anniversary of the Chinese People’s Volunteer Anti-US Aid Korea. From 2014 to 2021, China and South Korea followed the humanitarian principle. In the spirit of friendly cooperation, the remains of the Han Chinese People’s Volunteers Martyrs will be transferred in the Han Chinese People’s Volunteers, and the remains of the Chinese People’s Volunteers Martyrs returned to the motherland. At present, the Ministry of Retired Military Affairs leads the army to establish a DNA database for the former seven batches of the national martyrs who return to the country to the national martyrs, and confirmed the identity by comparing the historical model, biological information technology comparison. And find relatives.

Welcome to "In late July, the relevant departments of China and South Korea will exchange views in seven aspects of the remains of the remains, the handover time, handover form, epidemic prevention and control, deepening cooperation, etc." Detailed Military Affairs Department of Commemoration Division (International Cooperation Division) Deputy Director Li Jingxian introduced that this year’s martyrs will continue to return to the burial work, held in the context of the National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation is complicated, and higher requirements for all preparations. At the end of August, the Detailed Military Affairs Department will overcome many difficulties of the high-standard remains of the military, and will go to the Korean to perform the remains of the martyrs to transfer to the mission. Domestic transport -20 large transport plane is also the second time I will go abroad. Family. On the morning of September 1, the eighth batch was in the remains of the Chinese People’s Volunteers Martyrs and the relics in the city of Renchuan, South Korea. The staff workers carefully wrapped the remains of the martyrs and put them in the woods and put flowers outside the coffin.

Each of the martyrs is carefully cleaned, and the number is registered.

The ceremony was on the ceremony, and the Chinese representative went to the remains of the volunteer martyrs and won the flowers. On September 1st, the eighth batch was held in Rencheon, South Korea, the remains of the Chinese People’s Volunteers. Above: The Hanfang staff will enter the remains of the volunteer martyrs. September 2nd, China and South Korea held the remains of the remains in the Renchuan International Airport, South Korea.

Subsequently, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Square escort the martyrs to mount the Air Force special plane, the martyrs’ British soul returned.

Lu Chao, chief expert, Korean Research Center, Korean Research Center, Liaoning Province, said that China and South Korea cooperated for 8 consecutive years to carry out the post of the remains of the Han Zhuanjun Martyrs, showing the full respect of the Korean Martyrs to the Martyrs of the Volunteers and promoted the friendly relations between China and South Korea and two. Friendship between the people’s people.

"Promote the scientific and specialization of the remains of the martyrs, specialization, need to give full play to experts in the relevant fields." On September 27th, the eighth batch in the Han Zhuni Martyr’s remains in less than 1 month, the retired military affairs department held in Beijing Martyrs Commemorative Facilities Protection Center Expert Committee Established a Conference. From the military, the Ministry of Public Security, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the 29 experts and scholars of local universities and the domestic literary system were hired as a member of the Expert Committee.

Li Zhongshui, director of the Ministry of Retired Military Affairs (Martyrs Remaining Search Identification Center) A series of commemorative work in the Search for Martyrs. Identification of the Zhizhong and the seventh batch of returned countries in the Martyrs of the Chinese People’s Volunteers. His remains accompanied by a number of seals of 3 words of "Zhizhong". On April 16, 2020, the Ministry of Retired Military Affairs Martyrs Commemorative Facilities Protection Center (Martyrs Remains Search Identification Center) was formally established, and the scratch searches for martyrs.

Search for the list of 431 martyrs by finding historical materials and archives, combined with the historical and archive records, combined with the martyrs, combined with the martyrs. The retired military affairs department of the relevant provinces jointly assisted the martyrs relatives, organized 333 martyrs relatives to participate in DNA information collection and identification comparison, military units included more than 10 experts, including three academicians, and finally show Zhizhong et al. 4 martyrs identity and intimate relationship were confirmed.

In January 2015, the state launched the "Loyal Bone Program", the researcher of the military academy of Military Academy of Military Medicine and his team received the task, and began to build "DNA database in the Han Volunteer Martyrs".

Wang Shengqi introduced that the remains of the volunteers have two difficulties identified: First, the remains of the martyrs have long been in the era, coupled with buried conditions, the degree of degradation of the remains is serious, and it has brought great difficulties to DNA extraction; the second is that there are no future generations when the volunteers are sacrificed. The parents’ brothers and sisters are very small, mainly on the distant relative DNA comparison, and the identification of the intimate relationship is very complicated.

"The overall level of international advanced, some technical international first."

"After many years of research, Wang Shengqi team broke through the low-end technical bottleneck of the old remains, the length of time, etc., the fastest to complete the remains DNA extraction work within 6 hours, with a success rate of more than 95%.

"Technical means such as DNA determine that the identity of martyrs and relatives is a new breakthrough to the martyrs.

"Li Zhongshui said that the identity of the martyrs is an extremely complex and rigorous job. The task team has overcome difficulties in time, the lack of information is difficult, using a short time to successfully confirm the identity of the martyrs, verification of the feasibility of the comparison path of the martyrs At present, the Detailed Military Affairs Department takes the leadership of the military land, and has completed the collection of DNA information on the Wall of the Volunteer Martyrs, and established in the Han Zhuan Military Martyr’s remains DNA database, the remarks of the volunteer military martyrs will hand over foreign language information, and thousands The relics of the martyrs will conduct a clear point, and all electronic files are established.

Next, the Spring Search Identification Center of the Martyrs will establish a martyrs’ remains DNA database and the relatives database of the martyrs, and strive to let more martyrs find their loved ones. Listening on the afternoon of September 17, the military medical research institute of Military Academy, Wang Shengqi and team members were preparing for the pre-preparatory work for the remains of the Han Volunteer Martyrs. The Relievers of the Volunteers.

Xinhua News Agency issued a special institution, scale, normalization of DNA appraisal for national martyrs in the United Anti-military, and the development of martyrs and relatives’ basic information libraries, DNA database construction and recognition comparison work, do everything possible to make every effort A unknown martyr is famous. "Wang Shengqi is clear, and the scale of the martyrs DNA database construction and recognition comparison work is in terms of its stfts, specialized agencies, full-time staff, technical standards and laws and regulations. There are gaps. In his view, the relative DNA database is equally important to the martyrs DNA database. He proposes to retire the military affairs department, the public security organ, the medical system and other many departments, widely launched social forces, rescue sexual collection of martyrs relatives, and improve the success rate, accuracy and efficiency.

Li Zhongshui said that in recent years, China and South Korea laid a good partnership in the remelin of the volunteers, identification and handover.

my country’s martyrs’ remains search for identification work is relatively late, experienced lack, need to increase exchange cooperation, learn from relevant experience.

my country can gradually formulate in accordance with the overall design, step-by-step implementation, promulgate the legal and regulations of the martyrs to search for the identification of relevant laws and regulations, and put the remains of the martyrs to the overall framework, clear the remains of the relics, the construction, work standards, etc. Establish a national unified standardized exploration protection procedure system. At the same time, give full play to the relevant units of the domestic army and the advantages of college research institutes, lending to promote the establishment of search, excavation, identification and other professional team platforms, so that more Volunteers Martyrs will return to the motherland, and relatives "." "The martyr is looking for a relative, reflecting the temperature of a country, is also a commitment to the soldiers.

No matter where you are, the country will take you home. "Lu Chao said, whether it is the war age and the peaceful construction period, the motherland and the people have never changed from the reincarnation and reverence of the British.