Yangzhou Green Yangyuan Community: "365 Party Building + Warm Service" leads micrometer governance

Yangzhou Green Yangyuan Community: "365 Party Building + Warm Service" leads micrometer governance

From "Entering Building" to "Family" extension tissue, the Green Yang New Court community covers an area of ??560,000 square meters, and there are 2 residential communities, 4920 sets of resettlement houses, more than 12,000 people in residents. There are many floating populations, and the service appeal is diversified is a typical characteristic of the green garden community, and it is also a higher demand for community governance services.

How to further extends the party’s tentacles, integrate optimization of work power, and realize the precision full coverage of the people? After continuous exploration of practice, Green Yang New Court Community, with the unit building unit, with the "Red Division" service group as a starter, constructs "Community Party Total Support – Grid Party Branch – Community Party Group – Building" Red Location The four-level organizational system of will "promotes the party organization, from the network into the building, and finally enters the resident home.

From "passive" to "Active" to solve the contradiction dispute to further broaden the channels of the masses to reflect the problem, establish a quick response to the regular response to the acceleration mechanism, improve the fast response of the community party organization, accurate and implement, serve the people, and the green garden community A "e service" supermarket is established, realizing the three carriers of the Community Party Construction and Construction and Construction, the Property Management Association, Property Quality Assessment and Contradiction Center, carrying out property management, home service, old community renovation, contradiction, volunteer service Six kinds of services such as social organizations, construct a new model of "mass order, supermarket order, street case", open the "obstruction" between the streets, communities, properties, and residents. From "fragmentation" to "full coverage" to collect social situation, a party member center, two-story organicity "report" party volunteers, three layers lived in an old man with inconvenience, like this "building" Map "In the green garden community community is not rare. In order to further explore the situation in the jurisdiction, accurately grasp the public opinion, solidly promote the construction of "Nine Mungus", the community party branch is based on building, community, mesh, community as an object, organize micro-grid, and draw a local map. .

At one end of the local mismail map, there are thousands of households in the community cadres.

At present, the people of 134 buildings in 2 communities in Green Park Community have all drawn. The number of jurisdictions, the situation of each household, the responsible person, etc. The basic data, etc. Community precise management, accurate service provides an important basis.

From "Solo" to "big chorus" to promote the people’s service Green Yang Xinyuan Community’s existing party members, 46 of them under 46 years old, 27 undergraduate degrees, 3 postgraduate degrees. The party general branch will use the community resources to do "an old" service.

Based on the existing community old apartment, the green art group brand effect, carry out the community old people’s entertainment, life care, rehabilitation care, spiritual comfort, buffet, old-fashioned education, etc. On the basis of "Green Wood", the "small dining table" and other children care service projects, introduce volunteers, social workers, social organizations and other resources, providing training for teenagers, learning counseling for jurisdictions. "Small Grid" tries from big people’s livelihood, "small role" solves the big problem. Today, under the banner of "365" party, there have been more than 50 party volunteers have joined the "Red Authority" service group. There is something to find the "Red Division", and has become a consensus of the community residents, "people walk in the net, and do things in the study" have first seen the scale.

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