When a diagnosis case has been to Shanghai Disney

When a diagnosis case has been to Shanghai Disney

  Yan Qiuqiu, Hangzhou, in the transit train, I found a positive.

Shanghai many netizens said, "black eyes". Because this person played on October 30 to play in Shanghai Disney.

The news came out, and the anxiety sentiment on social media occupied the upper wind.

  There are three perspectives for this, individuals. First, not surprising. Domestic wave epidemic has been continued. Shanghai is a major tourist city in China, and is one of the "mainstreams" to undertake overseas flights.

The epidemic is moving, and China has local epidemic, and Shanghai has the possibility.

It should be seen that there is a long period of time in the future, the domestic new crown epidemic "odor distribution" is still normal.

New crown viruses do not automatically exit human society for a long time.

  Second, not blame. Last night, many netizens talked about it, if this confirmed case is not in Shanghai, it will not go to Disney, there is not much trouble, even, there are people on the Internet. This "blame" logic, personal feelings must not. A tourist city, need, is the favor of tourists. As long as the tourists do not violate the epidemic prevention measures, there is no problem.

For tourists, we can’t "only the results", do not divide the green soap and white, curse, even human meat.

The heart is compared, many times, the confidentiar is just a uninformed tourist.

  Third, don’t blame. It should be seen that the scope of this confidentiator is much larger than the previous few times. Therefore, this also needs everyone to actively cooperate with epidemic prevention, don’t be lucky, not impatient, violent. The performance of Shanghai in the epidemic has always been known as "precision and fast". For example, last night in Disneyland, the tourists did a nucleic acid test while enjoying the gorgeous fireworks. This is "Shanghai Temperature". For example, at 8:200 this morning, "Shanghai released" official Xuan, Disneyland and 33,863 related personnel in the small town, nucleic acid detection is negative.

Netizens praise, this is "Shanghai Speed". As an ordinary people, they must not eat melons, don’t gossip, don’t pass, don’t believe, this series of epidemic prevention initiatives in Shanghai, there is no doubt that the attitude should be "believed, support."

This is also "Shanghai cavity". Of course, the people should also pay attention to the wearing mask must be worn, and it is necessary to play the vaccine.

After a sleepless night, Shanghai today has ushered in November.

"Wearing a mask into normal life", this is what we have a living attitude. After all, here is the devil! .